Short Code

Now a days Short code services is gaining more popularity day by day giving its multiple advantages bringing towards your business. Short Codes Services are short cellular telephone numbers. Short numbers/Short Codes are easier to read and remember & attractive in nature.Softgains provides a wide range of short code services that are aimed to cater to small, medium as well as large scale business firms.

This 2-way communication enables the management to reach out the User irrespective of telecom service provider. It fulfil the requirement of both the user as well as Company . On the basis of the feedback and records It it selves has proven the most effective and easiest way of lead generate through advertisements. SMS short code is now a days been used in SMS contests, polls, subscription etc

Softgains is one of the leading Short code providers in India with a successful track record of catering to the needs of many national and international customers. Our short code service provides the customer a customized as well as interactive platform from which they can either generate revenue or get valuable feedback from the customers.

Short Code SMS Features in Indta:
  • Wider and known Brand Equity
  • One central administrator of CSCs
  • Customer charges are Rs. 3 per message
  • Can be customized as per the need of any kind of business
  • Instant response the to customers or desired users
  • Time management for lead generation
  • Easy to remember the given short code 56161, short code 56767
  • It Can be used for wide range of purposes such as trivia, polls, contests etc
  • It is Easy to integrate with existing applications
  • Enable us to keep track of the responses received through SMS
  • Softgains has years of expertise in providing short codes services with greater customer satisfaction at affordable as well as competitive rates. Clients can choose their lan on the basis of there need from our wide range of monthly / yearly plans.
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