Our Bulk SMS service in Delhi NCR

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spending a ton of money on it. Softgains Bulk SMS marketing services in Delhi NCR is one of the best as we aim at providing quality services to our clients with numerous options to stay in touch with your clients, employees and other significant target audience. We provide complete Bulk SMS solutions to our clients in order to meet their requirements as well as budget as we focus on providing consistent and quality results to our clients We have enhanced servers that ensure that your SMS reach never fails because of busy servers which let you send Bulk SMS with ease. Our Bulk SMS marketing services ensure that your SMS is being delivered to the ultimate Customer without any time restrictions as our Bulk SMS service ensures you to provide with no time restrictions. The main motive of any marketing campaign is reach out as many people as a marketing campaign can as more the number of people you reach as better it is, so we recommend to include Softgains Bulk SMS marketing services in your marketing campaign to boost up your marketing campaign to get the most effective results out of your campaign. We provide bulk SMS marketing service for SMS marketing and SMS advertisement for all India. Our free bulk SMS software can let you send SMS to anyone you want just by using our Bulk SMS Excel plugin that means send SMS to anyone just by using your Laptop/PC. Our Bulk SMS service is being used by many Corporates , Stock Brokers, Financial & Educational Institutes, Retailers, Whole-sellers, Local Business Group, Hospitals etc who need instant delivery of SMS.

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Bulk SMS for Business

Softgains ensures 99% delivery and  provide timely Customer support for your  to use user business whether it’s a large Corporate or friendly experience Small Business, we at Softgains provide 100% reliable services.

Promotional SMS

Send promotional SMS with ease with softgains provide Bulk SMS marketing services and promote your  business/ services or advertisings with our user for your friendly services and effective results

Real-time support.

At Softgains we ensure you with real-time support to help you build an instant campaign report Promotional SMS campaign for effective results.

Transactional SMS

Information/alerts/otp/reminders to yourexisting customers, Softgains ensures 99.9% message delivery and timely support.

Highlights of our services:
  • We are providing excel plugin and bulk-sms API.
  • We at Softgains focus on providing services of upmost Quality to our Customers.
  • Our Bulk SMS services are easy to use as well as user-friendly with customer support to help you out.
  • We provide easy accessibility and easy tools to manage your contacts
  • We provide Bulk SMS packages as per your needs and budget.
  • Contact: +91-9990525000
  • E-mail: info@Softgains.com
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