Voice Call

Marketing strategies has been changing day by day. The days are gone of traditional marketing strategy which formulized number of tele-marketing where these executives used to call individuals to explain about a product or service. Today, every thing has been automated. We can go through the pre-recorded voice calls that is being used to do this task for the companies.

The new marketing strategy comes up with the idea of BULK VOICE CALL which is being used by the companies for there business lead generation. Howover, this process saves time, energy and money with the added value of producing positive results. It is the most convenient option for the promotion of one's product or service . The outbound voice calls can ensure distributing the commercial messesages to thousands of mobile users in a single day.

Softgains Tech Solutions is offers bulk voice SMS at competitive and affordable rates.

  • You can easily pre-record the marketing campaign according to the targeted customer weather they belong to geographical location and communicate in different in different languages.
  • This tool provides instant, reliable and easy to manage responses.
Your voice campaigns can fetch the better results as compared to any other method. Just thing and kick start your marketing campaign by adding more customers to your list and thus ensuring better sales.

Bulk Voice Calls

Have you been tired of heavy upfront and over head expenditures? Are you looking for simple and reliable alternative to traditional marketing? Our bulk voice calls brings the solution for your problem. Bulk voice calls are nothing but it just a pre-recorded message where target audience gets dialled automatically on their mobile or landline numbers intended. This message is played after dialling of desired telephone number of a targeted audience with a regular interval of time. There is no manual intervention.

Hence, there is no more need to go with traditional tele-marketing. There are more simple and effective way where You can automate the whole process with the help of our voice calls. Now make use of our art facility in regards to reach out the masses with the help of experienced marketing professional. This tool directs you towards easily cutting down the outbound voice calls which are very expensive and time consuming. Bulk voice SMS has become a Today's tool to capture the audience. Softgains Tech Solutions has bring you the tool for adding a ladder in your the success of marketing ideas. We are offering cost effective solutions to your marketing campaigns that step you towards lead generation as well as revenue generation. Step towards this opportunity to make your business Stable and facing the competition in this prevailing market with strategy through this service of bulk voice calls.

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